Miyerkules, Pebrero 12, 2014

How to turn viewers into Action Takers?

Yeah sure most of the people these days are spending a lot of time and  money making videos! And for some with business, they really can not deny the fact that gathering informations, facts and figures, through videos are effective and engaging! But the real question is: How does it help your business anyway? is there any tool for turning your viewers into action takers?

Then there is Viewbix --  it is a great tool in making or turning your video players into an interactive and social media friendly video for marketing. This means that this tool can able to embed apps and links directly to your video player: Add or share photos, offer coupons, forms, maps, local weather forecasts, email and newsletter collection and many more!

Sure this tool is very sweet because you can make your viewers sign up for your Mailing List! Which means, If we are talking about business, with these emails on your list or lists, you can keep in touch and turn your prospects to leads and soon will avail and buy your products or services!

This tool is very easy to use! You can make your own player in Viewbix in just 4 steps:

1. Video, 2. Branding, 3. Apps, 4. Share
You can do all of these stuff in just 2 to 3 minutes! and it works everywhere too, either post or share it in Social Medias, embed it on your Website, or even on your Mobile Devices!

What is another cool thing about this tool is that you can also view it in your mobile device, or even if you will embed it in your mobile ready site. With
responsive web design and a responsive video to your site, this will work perfectly!

Pretty sweet huh? And YES! Viewbix can do all of this! Explore other features and try it for yourself.

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