Huwebes, Pebrero 13, 2014

Use Your Player To Opt In Emails

Some of the business owners today are having trouble when it comes to email marketing, that is because they don’t have any source of emails to send with. Email Marketing refers to the use of emails to share marketing messages with customers and prospects. Although it may not be as effective as other online marketing strategies, email marketing remains a very effective way of generating sales and/or leads when done right.

So here we are now in these technological days and there are a lot of ways to promote your business. one of them, of course is by the use of the access in the internet; Social medias, Forums, Reviews are one of the many ways in promoting one’s business. But don’t you know that you can also make a good use of the videos? When you are fan of making visually-graphical way of advertising, then you want it to use for the good of your business then I can recommend you to use a very good tool for this… Viewbix.

Viewbix is a very great tool, specially when you want to generate more email subscribers by just using your videos. You can embed different types of email forms from different email providers to your videos, Such as:
1. MailChimp
2. GetResponse
3. Contact Contact
4. AWeber

Question, How you will gonna do that?
1. Create an account here. Then, create a new player
2. Choose a Video source (e.g., Youtube, Vimeo, amazon), You can also upload your own video (video must be in MP4 format).
3. Put some branding to your player
4. Next is the Apps section, where you can customize other CTA button for your player. Choose any of the email providers I’ve mentioned a while ago and follow further instructions:
I. MailChimp - Needs API Key
II. GetResponse - Needs API URL and API Key
III. Contact Contact - Need to sign in first and follow other required fields
IV. AWeber - Needs your authorization code from AWeber's web site

5. Share your video or post/embed it to your website.

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