Miyerkules, Pebrero 12, 2014

Simple way of creating an Interactive Player

We already know that creating videos is a big BOOM in order to boost your online marketing, your sales, and your overall business. Now what? instead of following some old routines of making your online video presentation with all of the brandings and stuff then upload them to any social media sites, maybe it is time to see how you can create online videos that really stand out that viewing experience will actually be more convenient and more engaging for the viewers end. Why not make those videos from an ordinary type of information source to an interactive call to action player? Sounds cool right? But have any Idea of what tool you should be using to create interactive players?

That is where Viewbix came out, an online tool used  in making or turning your video players into an interactive and social media friendly video for marketing. I tried this amazing tool by just visiting the website and create a free account. With its simple environment, everyone will love using it!

Creating a player is very simple. You can have your own interactive player in Viewbix In just four (4) steps:

After logging in (if you have any account already), from their home page, click “Add Player” button at the top (it is a green-coloured box at the top of the screen). Name your player and click create.

1. Add your Video - you can add videos from other online video sources (e.g., Youtube, Vimeo, amazon), You can also upload your own video (video must be in MP4 format).

2. Branding - after choosing/uploading your video, add your video description (e.g., Title, Button text). Customize your player such as adding/changing the color or Call-to-Action (CTA) button.

3. Add your App - make your video more interactive by adding available apps in viewbix! (e.g., Add or share photos, offer coupons, forms, maps, local weather forecasts, email and newsletter)

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